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About Perry School

At Perry School, our main purpose is to inspire and guide the future of our world's youth in the formative years. Perry School, Founded in 2001 by Dawn Lesley Stewart, located in the West Village has created an environment of achievement for children from birth to six years of age. Perry School has developed and initiated renowned specialized programs such as Think Tank, Teach Kids To Give, Le Beaux Art, and The Physical Program.


Perry School believes in the importance of brain development and its impact on a child's educational success. Early childhood brain development is a dynamic and ever-changing process that requires stimulation and frequency. We know that the potential of the child is huge, which is why we use the early years to their fullest extent to set a foundation.


Perry School creates an environment that is stimulating and provides an abundance of opportunities for children to learn naturally in a joyful and play based classroom. We strongly encourage children to explore and utilize the neighborhood as a landscape for learning.


It is our goal that we help to form unique children through individualized programs that allow them to become effective and happy human beings in society who are capable of making the world a better place. Perry School encourages and instills the joy of learning, to have an everlasting impact on children's lives.

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