2's Program

The Perry School 2's classroom is a unique environment that offers a joyful, play based curriculum for children ages 2-3 years old. The children develop intelligence, gross motor skills, and language development with our carefully designed program and materials. In small classroom sizes and under the guidance of 2 teachers, children are encouraged to gain self-confidence as they work independently and in collaboration with their peers. Important tasks, such as sweeping, caring for the class pet, and buttoning up jackets allow children to master life skills while developing focus and concentration. The child centered classroom environment offers opportunities to develop fine motor skills, literacy, music appreciation, art, and sensory integration. Each day, children will experience our gym area as well as a gentle introduction to neighborhood walks and local playgrounds. It is during all these experiences that Perry School children develop a life long love for learning that includes respect, and care for the community and environment.

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