Afternoon Programs


Children engage in open exploration and small group projects with children ages 2's through 4's. This preschool experience helps children to build leadership skills and make connections across ages. 


We also create studies based on the children's interests. Teachers help children develop these studies so that children learn to make connections between themselves and the world around them. The studies incorporate age appropriate storytelling, book making, art, music and movement. These studies will be turned into 3D art projects, field trips, skits, books and dance. The children have language immersion in Spanish and French available.


During the afternoon, children will play with blocks or other building materials, create group art projects as well as solo art projects. We also have daily time for physical play in our playroom,  or local playgrounds. Physical play in our gym includes soft gym equipment, balls, gymnastics and free play. We also have local field trips scheduled throughout the year.