Older 4's Advance Program, G&T Preparation

Our Older 4's advance program will engage the children in open exploration and small group projects. As children become more relaxed and social with their peers, we create opportunities to interact with different groups forming bonds with each other. Our preschool experience helps children to build leadership skills and make connections,, not only with themselves but the world around them as well.


We create studies based on the children's interests and develop a curriculum to suite young curious minds. Our teachers help each  child develop singularly as well as with their peers and family. 

Our weekly and monthly curriculum will incorporate literacy study through storytelling, book making, reading and penmanship. The children will learn basic math and geometry concepts. Since we are a STEM and art based school, the children will do age appropriate science studies and will participate in our "Les Beaux Arts" art program and visit galleries and museums. They will study social studies and be introduced to mythology. They will have music classes following the Susuki Method and introduction to instruments. The studies we offer will include a multidisciplinary approach that customizes curriculum for each child according to their learning style and developmental level. The children will have language immersion in both Spanish and French all through the year.


Children will be well prepared for any future program: kindergarten, private schools and for Gifted & Talented exams.

We believe strongly in daily physical play. Children will have daily periods in our playroom, and local playgrounds. Physical play includes soft gym equipment, physio balls, gymnastics and free play.


The children in this program participate in various field trips through the year.



Programs & Tuition


 4s   5 days


 11:30am-4:00pm              5 days            Tuition $17,500

Extended Day until 6 PM

Monday-Friday: $6,500